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Featured Installation: NH Couple Cuts It’s Ties with Foreign Oil

Systems Installed: Froling P4 20/25 pellet boiler with 220 gallons of thermal storage.
A three ton wood pellet bag silo. Solar for domestic hot water.
Completed Date: Fall 2010
Home Description: 3,000 sq. ft home built in the 1950’s with baseboard heat.
Installed By: Froling Energy Peterborough, NH  (603) 924-1001 

Froling P4 Happy Early Adopters  Froling P4 Front of Home
              Happy Early Adopters                                                     Front Of Home
Froling P4 Back of Home Froling P4 Old 1952 Oil Boiler
                    Back Of Home                                                            Old 1952 Oil Boiler
Froling P4 20/25                      Froling P4 20/25 and 220 Gallon Storage tank
        New Froling P4 20/25                                  P4 Boiler and 220 Gallon Storage Tank
Froling P4 with pellet storage                   Froling P4 Removing Under Ground Oil Tank
  Pellet Boiler w/3 Tons of Pellet Storage                     Removing Under Ground Oil Tank
Froling P4 Oil Tank Removed                     Froling P4 Old Electric Water Heater
                 Oil Tank Removed                                                      Old Electric Water Heater
Froling P4 New Solar Water Heater                      Froling P4 New Solar Panels
      New Solar Water Heater                                                        New Solar Panels
Froling P4 Solar Thermal Froling P4 New wood stove for Emergency Back-up
          Solar Thermal                                               New Wood Stove for Emergency Back-up

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