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Featured P4 Pellet Boiler Installation-The First Congregational Church in Thetford, VT

Equipment: Fröling P4 48/60 with a 400 gallon storage tank and auger vacuum system.
Building: Church and Day Care Center. Church was built in 1787.
System Installed by: Roger Carpenter Services 5551 Route 5 Thetford, VT 802.333.7171

It was time to update the heating system in the 226 year old church. The church has a long history and is the oldest meetinghouse in the state still in continuous service. To install the new boilers and fuel store room, the dirt basement was dug out by hand and a new cement floor was poured. The boiler and fuel store room were then constructed. The fuel store room can handle a full 10 ton delivery and utilizes Fröling’s Auger Vacuum System. The estimated fuel offset is approximately 3800 gallons of propane/year.
 Fröling Installation Thetford Church Fröling P4 Pellet Boiler Thetford Church 
 Fröling P4 Pellet Boiler Auger Froling P4 Pellet boiler Deduster
  Fröling P4 Pellet Boiler Auger 
 Fröling P4 Thetford
  Fröling P4 Pelet Boiler Fuel Store Room  Fröling P4 Pelet Boiler Fuel Store Room  Fröling P4 Pellet Boiler

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