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First P4 Pellet Boiler Install with New Energy Tank Buffer Tank

Froling P4 Side Shot


System Installed: Fröling P4 20/25 Automatic Wood Pellet Boiler.
Buffer Tank: The new 119 gallon Fröling Energy Tank.
Fuel Storage: One 4.7 ton flexible storage.

Installed by: Martins Mechanical Plumbing and Heating 603-632-5862
Contact: Jamie Martin

Completion Date: Spring 2013

Building Specifications: Approximately a 3,000 home with new heating system with European Panel Radiators.


Froling P4 Lyme Install

Froling Sack Silo froling Energy Tank

Froling P4 20/25

Froling P4 Manifold

Froling P4 Lambdatronic Image
See how well the new Energy Tank can stack the heat!

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