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Fröling P4 Containerized Pellet Heating System-Littleton, NH Fire Station and Town Garage

Froling P4 Container


System Installed: 2 Fröling P4 48/60 Automatic Pellet Boilers.
Buffer Tank: 400 gallon pressurized storage tank.
Fuel Storage: External Silo

Installed by: Froling Energy 19 Grove Street Peterborough, NH 03458
Contact: Mark Froling

Completion Date: Spring 2013

Building Specifications: Two Buildings including the town’s Fire Station and Town Garage.
Total square footage is approximately 13,000 sq. ft.

The container contains both pellet boilers and the 400 gallon storage tank. Both boilers are cascaded together to produce a total of 400,000BTUH. The container is connected to both building with underground PEX tubing.

Froling P4 Container 1Froling P4 Container 2 Froling P4 Container 3 Froling P4 Container 4













Froling P4 Container 5 Froling P4 Container 6 Froling P4 Container 7 Froling P4 Container 8

Froling P4 Container 9 Froling P4 Container 10Froling P4 Container 11Froling P4 Container 12

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