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Happy FHG Owner

Fröling FHG 20/30 (100,000Btu/hr) wood boiler. Gas back-up boiler.
Thermal Storage: Custom built 600 gallon open atsmosperic tank with heat exchangers.
Domestic Hot Water: Solar Thermal with 120 gallon Indirect Water Heater.
Sold and Installed By: Sun Energy 1599 270th Avenue, Mora, MN 55051

Customer has completed his third heating season and is thrilled with his system. He is estimating a yearly savings of over $1,500.00. His yearly fuel consumption is 6-7 full cords of wood. The installation is located in a urban area which shows that a wood boiler does not have to be installed in the country.

Froling FHG wood boiler with owner

Froling FHG Flue

A new outside flue needed to be installed.
Froling FHG wood pile

Customer’s wood pile.

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