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Olde Windsor Village P4 Pellet Boiler Project

Building Information:

  • 56,000 sq. ft.
  • 3 Buildings
  • 77 Apartments

Pellet Equipment:Pellet equipment sold by: Sunwood Biomass 802-583-9300

  • Two Fröling P4 48/60 wood pellet boilers.
  • 400 Gallon Thermal Storage Tank.
  • 40 ton Interior Pellet Store Room.

Additional Equipment:

  • 32 Solar Hot water Panel

Project Overview:
The original building was constructed in 1809 as the first state penitentiary located in the United States. Five thousand pounds of granite was quarried from Mount Ascutney. Since 1978 the buildings have been used as affordable housing for the elderly. Last year the building went through an extensive renovation. The existing boilers were over 40 years old! Improvements included new windows, apartment overhaul, new carpeting, ventilation, and asbestos abatement. All of these improvements should achieve 30-50% reduction in energy use.
Windsor State Prison 1900

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