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Effecta Smart Wood Boiler

Down Drafting Gasifying Indoor Wood Boiler - High Efficiency, Lambda Controlled

Meets Current EPA emission levels!

Effecta is one of Sweden's leading wood boiler manufacturers.  The Effecta Smart Wood Boiler with lambda control provides hassle-free heating with an efficiency of over 80% (Smart 55). The Effecta Smart Wood Boiler is an induced, downdraft design/two-stage wood boiler. The lambda control uses exhaust readings to adjust motorized air controls providing excellent combustion results and low emissions. The Effecta Smart Wood Boiler comes with an intuitive graphic control panel that displays relevant information on operational temperatures, control status, and cleaning status. The heat exchangers are cleaned automatically every time the boiler doors are opened, so you never forget!

The Effecta Smart Wood Boiler is covered by a 20-year limited warranty.

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Effecta Smart EPA Certificates

Effecta Smart Wood Boiler
Effecta Smart Wood Boiler

The Effecta Smart Wood Boiler's combustion chamber is long lasting and easy to service. A special firebox shape helps wood collapse evenly for more stable combustion.  The wood boiler has a full water jacket surrounding the combustion chamber and the underside of the boiler. This wet base design is harder to build, but provides longer boiler life, fewer thermal losses, and higher boiler efficiency.  The induction fan uses low power, yet pulls air through the boiler, which stops smoke leaking from doors and provides a built-in smoke hood during the loading process.  The boiler operates on 120 Volts/60 Hz and can control 2 heating zones in its standard configuration.

Available Models:

• Effecta Smart Wood Gasification Boiler 40- 136,500 Btu/hr
• Effecta Smart Wood Gasification Boiler 55- 188,000 Btu/hr

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Wood boiler planning guide

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Lambda controlled wood boilers

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How It Works

Effecta Smart Wood Boiler substantially simplifies wood burning. Like any smart operator, the boiler ”pays attention” to the combustion process with a lambda sensor mounted in the exhaust collar. Sensor readings are the basis for real time primary and secondary damper adjustments. It doesn’t matter if the wood is pine or oak, split small or in rounds, or whether the fire is just starting or burning out. Combustion is always optimized for efficiency and low emissions.

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JS Weare, NH

You willingness to provide detailed feedback about potential options was very welcomed and very helpful in guiding us to our replacement wood boiler. It helped make the Effecta 40 an easy choice. We could not have had a better experience working with you, Tarm Biomass and Province Road Plumbing!

Effecta E-Burn

Intuitive Control

On the front of the Effecta Smart Wood Boiler there is an integrated graphic display. The controller gives you an instant overview of the boiler’s current performance. The graphic control panel is intuitive and uses a single push knob to access text based menus. All functions can be viewed quickly and easily. It is easy to access the boiler’s key features and fine tune them with the E-Burn system. The controller also enables individual control of different heating circuits.

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Effecta Smart Boiler Features

• EPA Certified
• Safety Tested and Listed
• Lambda  Controlled Air Dampers
• Vertical Heat Exchangers
• External Heat Exchange Cleaner

• Proven Technology
• Intuitive Color Control/Display
• Well Designed and Durable Ceramic
• Acid-Resistant Stainless Afterburner
• Reversible Doors

• Large Gasification Chamber
• Pre-assembled at the Factory
• Cooling Coil is Standard
• Water Jacketed Base
• 120 Volt Operation

Get Smart about Wood Burning!

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